26 July 2015

Unstoppable day

Unstoppable day

Many of 
you have already planned your holidays but I'm still undecided when everyone around me knows 
where they will go and how long they will stay. It's getting hot and I wouldreally like to visit US, but I love spending my summer in Italy, so who knows, maybe I will book some last minute deal.

I've been admiring this beautiful midi jacquard skirt from ROMWE since I saw it. I knew I need to have it. And when it arrived I was really happy and had million ideas how to combinate it. The best combination was to pair it with a black lace shirt, do you like my look? Love this statement spiral bracelet from Majique, it's absoulutely elegant (EN shopIT shop). I've got this necklace made of Swarovski crystal a few years ago and I love it so much because there are so many memories associated with this necklace. Everytime I decide to wear it, I feel so special and proud. It's definitely one of my favourite piece of jewelryWhat's your favorite piece of jewelry?

ROMWE skirt CHANEL earrings | H&M shoes Brizza sunglasses


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