12 August 2015

Perfect harmony

Perfect harmony

How are you guys? I am more offline then online during this period and I am taking some kind of break, let's call it vacation. Although it's not a regular summer vacation, I am doing just fine.I don't spend much time on my computer and I am 'rechargeing my batteries', also because my internet connection is so slow sometimes.

I've just realized how beautiful and powerful are some moments when you feel loved and 
nothing else matters. Shopping is my regular activity but during this period I feel no need of it. Our life brings us some moments of pure psychological and physical relaxation. We just need to recognize them. Today I am wearing my new white zipper coat from SheIn. It's a light coat worth having, ideal for spring and autumn. If you want you can also wear it now, after the rain. A few weeks ago I've also bought my newest S.Oliver pair of jeans, also known as boyfriend jeans. They are in the same time informal but also elgant in combination with my Francesco Milano pumps. Don't buy too large pair of jeans because it will visually short your legs. Do you already own at least one pair of boyfriend jeans?


Thank you for your comment! I appreciate every single one. ♥