27 October 2013

H&M black ankle high heels

H&M Vegan Leather Pointed Toe Boots

Women are constantly searching for new shoes. If paired with the correct outfit and completing it, shoes can definitely give you confidence and enhance your appearance. In today’s post, I would like to share with you my newest fast fashion piece, a pair of pointed-toe boots.

H&M, black ankle heels, lowcost, elegance, glamour, style, fashion

I’ve been guilty of purchasing items because they can go with almost any outfit, from chic to casual. And that’s how these pointed-toe boots ended up in my hands. I just felt that I needed to add them to my wardrobe collection of shoes. Sometimes nothing feels better than a new elegant pair of pointed-toe boots. You can easily combine them with a pair of jeans and a cute top, and you will be ready to go out with your girlfriends. I absolutely love them!

H&M, black ankle heels, lowcost, elegance, glamour, style, fashion

<h2>What is fast fashion?</h2>

One of my primal, well, call it the main idea when I established this blog was to pair high-end clothing with some cheaper fast-fashion pieces. Zara, Mango and H&M are my favorite places to shop. Their local shop displays are regularly updated, and in their online stores you can find new products almost every week. Zara is one of the most prominent fast-fashion brands with stores in more than 95 countries and has been at the forefront of this fashion retail revolution. Immediately after comes H&M, the second-largest multinational clothing retail company. They both offer a fusion of trendy and chic clothing and accessories at affordable prices.

Although I’ve tried to shop in many other fast fashion stores such as ASOS, New Look, River Island and Oysho, I definitely prefer to visit and revisit the Zara and H&M stores. No matter where I go they are always prominent and easy to reach. Fast fashion pieces are usually attempting to the eye, but often offer lower quality items than big, already established high-end brands as for example Bikkembergs, Furla, and The Bridge already presented on my blog.

H&M, black ankle heels, lowcost, elegance, glamour, style, fashion