11 February 2015

Infinite dreams

Infinite dreams

Hello guys! Today we are cellebrating the birthday of my close friend and she decided to take us all out at dinner. She told me that she'd had a plan to surprise us all, so I had some time for preparing my outfit. I had thisoutfit in my head for a long time. Let's be glamorous tonight I thought and decided to wear my white fur jacket made by my personal tailor.

The jacket was made after taking my measurements. It took very long time before I  got it, but the most important thing is that I am really happy with the result. The fur is smooth to the touch and 
as you can see the jacket makes my outfit very glamorous. I am also wearing the shirt from Blue Vanilla, Hfn by Halfton flared trousers in combination with my Mango wallet.

Some of the jewelry I chose for this occassion are: Majique bracelet 
(EN shopIT shopand Angies Glamour Fashion earrings. My Brizza sunglasses will give that particulal touch of glamour. And no of course, I won't wear them during our dinner, they are my favourite daytime  accessory. It's already late, girls.  I still need to fix my make up and rush out because I don't want to be late. Leave me your comments.

personal tailor fur jacket | Blue Vanilla shirt | Hfn by Halfron trousers | Mango wallet Majique bracelet Angies Glamour Fashion earrings | Brizza sunglasses