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Unstoppable Day

Shoot for different materials and patterns, something more unique such as black jacquard fabric. This flared jacquard midi skirt goes a bit past the knees...


Pure White Fantasy

Go for a total white look with a lace floral top. I love how versatile this lace floral top is, its great for a casual...


Enjoy beatiful moments with people you love and deepen your relationships with them.

Good things will happen when you decide to make your own happiness a priority.

You can’t go wrong with an elegant, sophisticated and timeless designer bag.

Love can simply wipe away all your worries and replace them with security and happiness.

Believe in yourself and don't be afraid to reach for the stars.

When tough times happen, take some time for yourself and recharge your batteries.

Fight for quality not quantity. Quality is a way more satisfying.

Accessories can make your style unique and change the entire dynamic of your outfit.

If you find yourself wondering which path to travel, always choose the one close to your heart.

Being successful means nurturing self-confidence, knowledge and the drive to improve yourself.

Love yourself more and spread love all around you.

Above all other things, trust yourself and make yourself a priority.

Kindness indicates the act is done with love.

Seize the day and embrace the new opportunities it brings.

Good taste in fashion often comes from experience and experimenting.

Don't forget to embrace and get closer to your inner child.

Enjoy beautiful moments with people you love and deepen your relationships with them.

Taking the time for yourself is already a small step towards the brighter future.

You can't get ahead without believing in yourself.

A beautiful choker can instantly make a statement and enhance any outfit.

Try to find balance in everything.



These colorful chic pieces have all the flair to make you stand out. The v neck blouse comes in a beautiful cobalt blue color and...


It’s Just Garage

Pairing a denim top and bottom together feels like the perfect denim on denim ensemble, this combination is also called the Canadian tux. Many celebrities...