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My New Clothing Haul – Fall Edition #2

It is getting colder outside, and we are slowly heading into the colder seasons with winter knocking at the door. My new fall clothing haul is a mix of mostly transitional pieces that will help you to look stylish and at the same time make you feel warm and above all comfortable.

But don’t forget to apply the basics of layering by starting with a light base and mixing transitional pieces with heavier clothing on top to keep ourselves warm during the fall and winter. This time I bought a pair of violet shorts from Met. If you are tired of wearing jeans and pants, why not replace them with stylish violet shorts?

Contrary to what many people believe, shorts in cold winter can be stylish and warm. Winter shorts are everywhere this season and now is a perfect time to get yourself a pair of violet shorts. They will definitely make you stand out this winter.

These shorts came in a gorgeous violet, and if you like to match sets, consider getting yourself a violet blazer as well.

I also got myself a pair of Twin Set brown sweater pants, as these are super handy to have in your collection. These loose-fitting style brown sweater pants with side pockets and slim fit design are perfect as fall transitional pieces.

As the winter season is almost at our doors, it usually brings us a limited palette of colors, with blacks, grays and whites mixed in. Personally I find this selection of colors a bit dull to my liking, as I prefer to add in some color, in this case a bit of Bordeaux red. So, I bought a dark red velvet skirt by Krizia Poi.

Even though red has been in fashion for decades, I think that this season it’s all about Bordeaux red and velvet. I adore adding some “unusual” and non-standard colors to my winter wardrobe. I like the soft touch of the dark red velvet skirt.

This braided leather wrist bracelet came as a surprise gift. Made of black & white leather, this leather wrist bracelet is set to celebrate and honor my relationship with a dear friend.

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