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When Sporty Meets Elegant Chic

Let’s talk about the combination of sporty and elegant chic styles. But first, a short introduction of who I am. After the few initial articles about the wisdom advice from notable women, why women love shoes and a new spicy oriental perfume from my collection, it’s time to share with you my very first look. I am excited to post these pictures and introduce myself to my readers.

For a long time, I’ve been following my favorite fashion blogs, reading through them daily. I always wanted to create something myself and I’ve finally decided to start my own blog. My name is Aurora Berill and I’ve launched Elegance of Luxury, my little creative corner, with the idea to share with you inspirational outfits, beauty advice and guides on a variety of topics. You can find more information about me in my About section.

The sporty meets elegant chic style is one of the latest trends, sometimes tricky and challenging to combine but when you manage to pull it off it looks great! If you want to create a somewhat formal feeling for contemporary women, then try to stick with a subdued natural color scheme, in this case I went with a monochromatic silver & beige. Beige is a light and neutral color that describes pale and light brown shades, one of my favorite colors lately. When it comes to combining different garments it’s all about balance. Here I am combining pieces of similar colors and I don’t play much with high contrasts.

The Sisly basic half button tee and Calliope linen shorts are all beige and fit perfectly with my Chanel sterling silver earrings. I add in some contrast with the H&M sunnies and leather studded bag, but not too much. Adding to the sporty look I wear white Kappa sneakers, which fit perfectly with my initial idea to create modern inspirational outfits for contemporary women. To complete the look I went with a straw hat with a removable brown leather strap and added a splash of color with the turquoise necklace.

During the summer, try to pay attention to the materials used in your clothes. It’s better to stick with light natural fibers like cotton and linen. Synthetics won’t breathe well during hot days and that can lead to rashes.

Have you ever tried combining sporty with elegant chic?

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