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Borsalino Pour Elle Sensual Body Lotion

Back in 2008, Borsalino launched the Pour Elle Italian beauty products line for women. The Pour Elle line consists of a perfume and an accompanying body lotion that is currently one of my favorite body lotions. The sensual body lotion will protect your sensitive skin and leave your skin soft to the touch. But more on it later, I am going to introduce this historical Italian fashion house to start with.

Borsalino, the symbol of the Made it Italy hats, is specialized in the production of luxury hats. Their hats are synonymous with quality and culture and today Borsalino Made it Italy hats are celebrated worldwide. In fact, Borsalino hats became an important accessory piece for many great celebrities who have worn them, and were featured in movie classics such as Casablanca and The Godfather. It’s no wonder many admire this legendary Italian fashion house.

It all started back in 1857, in Alessandria. Giuseppe Borsalino founded the company and started creating their characteristic felt hats. Borsalino still produces their hats with the same artisanal methods that they used 150 years ago. From rabbit fur raw materials to the final product, Borsalino maintains the status of a refined Italian fashion house. Today, they not only produce their iconic Borsalino Fedora hat, but they also produce a wide variety of men’s and women’s styles of hats.

The Borsalino Pour Elle Italian beauty products line fits the profile of a confident woman wearing a Borsalino hat. The Borsalino Pour Elle sensual body lotion has a simple but inviting package. Only on closer inspection, you will notice the elegant touches that Borsalino is known for. A well designed, simple & elegant package that creates a sense of curiosity that I couldn’t ignore.

Borsalino Pour Elle body lotion combines sensual femininity with the iconic Mediterranean seductive touch. I really loved the Pour Elle sensual body lotion and its pleasant long lasting fragrance. Its richness, dominating woody, powdery and floral notes makes it a perfect winter body cream. You only need a little bit and it covers and moisturizes your skin so well. I recommend all my readers to try it. You definitely won’t regret it.

The Borsalino Pour Elle sensual body lotion will pamper you every time you use it.

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  1. I just knew the Borsalino deodorant for men.My husband uses it.Now I just got a Borsalino body lotion from UK.The fragrance is so intense.I really like it.

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