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Bijou Brigitte and H&M Statement Necklaces

Bijou Brigitte is among some of the busiest in trend jewelry shops in my city, and I would like to talk about these statement necklaces I recently purchased there.

Bijou Brigitte is a widely known European fashion jewelry and accessories brand that has existed since 1963. Today they operate a network of more than 990 stores in Germany and abroad. Their trendy jewelry is perfect for any occasion in your life even if you are on the lookout for budget-friendly products. One of their shops appears to be located in a zone close to my home. That makes it hard for me to resist dropping by and taking a look through some of their newest in trend jewelry pieces.

Their stores are always stocked up with various necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, rings, bags, hair accessories and more at great prices. I’ve bought some of their products in the past, but a few days ago, after a visit to my local store, I ended up leaving as a proud owner of my new statement jewelry pieces: a gold disc necklace and a fuchsia pink collar necklace.

The last piece I recently bought is my new H&M gold chain chunky necklace. The H&M jewelry assortment is decent and allows you to add the latest in trend jewelry to your collection.

You can choose from many different styles of necklaces, stud earrings and much more. And what’s best is that when shopping for some of the newest jewelry pieces, you can shop for matching clothing garments too. There is much new in trend jewelry to discover in H&M stores and it’s all so budget-friendly. It’s hard to leave empty-handed, at least I didn’t.

How do you wear statement jewelry? I really like my picks from Bijou Brigitte, especially the gold disc necklace, and let’s not forget the H&M gold chunky necklace. The gold will gorgeously accompany some of my looks, adding a small touch of a luxurious vibe. I love that even while they are big, and are often a centerpiece of a look, you can still use them as an accessory that adds that small piece of flair that you need. There are many interesting ways how to wear statement necklaces, and what you can do with statement necklaces. I’m looking forward to showing you all some of my favorite combinations. How do you style statement accessories?

Express your personal style at its best, focusing on the importance of jewelry that symbolizes confidence and femininity.

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