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Phytorelax Laboratories – Pure Argan Oil Products

With regular use of products that contain pure argan oil, you can experience some of its numerous health benefits. I’m a regular user of argan oil products myself, I bought a set of Phytorelax moisturizing body lotion and shower gel. As a satisfied customer, I thought about writing a few words about these argan oil products.

Argan oil is a rich source of fatty acids that are beneficial to your body. Products with pure argan oil have slowly gained popularity here in the Mediterranean and some time ago I became aware of its benefits. Since then I’ve tried it in different forms of products, and I liked the delicate fragrance and good moisturizing abilities it has, especially for dry skin. I, like most people, have a combination skin type, the most common skin type. So, sometimes I find myself having dry skin that needs a bit of moisturizing body lotion to soften and give it all the moisturizing it needs. I particularly like lotions containing pure argan oil.

Phytorelax Laboratories produces a wide range of argan oil products. I started using a pure argan shower gel during my daily shower routine and the smell was very rich and delicious. But no shower routine is complete without a moisturizing body lotion. The Phytorelax pure argan oil body lotion amazed me not only with its smell but with its ability to perfectly moisturize my skin, and the soft fragrance left behind on my skin throughout the day.

All Phytorelax cosmetics and their unique formulas are created and produced in Italy, where they pass strict dermatological tests. Their products are paraben free and contain over 98% of ingredients of natural origin. And with that said, I’m bringing you some similar products that use pure argan oil so that you can try it out and experience all the benefits they bring on your own skin too. Pamper yourself and get a hydrated and glowing skin.

In my opinion, everyone should try some of these argan oil products for adding a bit of extra moisturization to their skin, especially during the winter months when our skin needs more than just the usual care.

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  1. Mi piace abbastanza questa linea di cui ho provato i prodotti viso. Adesso la crema corpo è nell'armadio pronta per essere provata non appena finisco qualcosa di aperto!

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