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Sandgrens Queens High Clog Booties

All you need is a pair of Swedish clog boots to combine fashion and comfort, embodying the concepts of exclusivity and creativity together. Sandgrens embraces traditional craftsmanship inspired by modern appeal delivering quality Sandgrens clogs as a result.

Clog booties have recently been growing in popularity and I’ve hurried myself up to finally get a pair of wooden clogs that everybody has been talking about. Sandgrens was founded back in 1846 and is known as one of the oldest clog companies in the world. The company produces clogs, fashion clogs and clog boots. Each pair is handcrafted with the heritage of techniques and passion for perfection that has been passed down through generations.

At the time of updating this article in the fall of 2022, the Sandgrens Queens High clogs aren’t available for sale anymore and have been replaced with the Manhattan High in black. The difference between these two pairs of Sandgrens clogs is really minimal, as the shape of the clog booties remains almost the same. Both pairs are iconic and crafted by skillful artisans in an environmentally responsible way.

Swedish clog boots are the right choice when you want to combine comfort, exclusivity and style. When I got my pair of cute Swedish clog boots they were stiff, but that’s ok as it’s supposed to be like this. After wearing them a few times, the leather softened up and since then the clog booties fully adapted to my feet. Regarding some health benefits, clogs, in general, are made to provide support to the arch of your feet and therefore wearing clogs can help improve your posture. I’ve also published some more pictures of me wearing Sandgrens clogs with tips on how to wear clog boots.

The Queens High clog booties are made of nubuck leather and Spanish pine wood for the lightweight base. They feature a zipper to slip in and out easy, a v-cut design with a strap and a buckle. Nubuck leather is made from top grain cowhide and created through a sanding process. The quality of nubuck leather is undoubtedly visible to the eye and touch. An advantage of choosing the Spanish pine wood for the base is definitely the lightness, but as it’s a softwood it is slightly more prone to scratches and dents.

One of the things I absolutely appreciate is Sandgrens customer support service. If you have any doubts about finding clogs that fit perfectly, contact their customer support service and they will be happy to help you figure out which is the proper shoe size for you. I talked to Lars Andreas Sundberg and I want to thank him for his patience and for his kind assistance.

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