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Perfect Harmony

Introduce a white zip up jacket into your wardrove and get ready for casual but also chic events. My latest find would be this white zip up jacket and I would definitely recommend owning at least one elegant blazer for ladies, or if you want a more versatile piece then go with a white zip up jacket.

Most of us, when thinking and talking about summer, naturally associate it with short sleeves, dresses and light materials. Well, the Mediterranean summers can sometimes be more complex and require a perfectly tuned wardrobe. Of course, it really depends on the summer, but sometimes we have really annoyingly rainy summers.

My white zip up jacket comes as a slim fit, long sleeve collarless jacket, with a long front zipper, 4 decorative zippers on both front sides, and a zipper on each cuff. In case you think these are some cool details, then check my other article. The fabric is soft and doesn’t wrinkle much, you can really wear this white zip up jacket in multiple seasons.

I recently found myself often wearing this sheer cropped top that I originally got as a present from my mum. I loved it the moment she gave it to me. Maybe I should shop more often with my mum as she has a sharp eye for details that can easily be overlooked. The sheer cropped top comes fully lined on the inside so that’s pretty handy as it gives me the possibility to wear it on all kinds of occasions. A sheer cropped top with lining inside is a piece I would advise investing in, trust me, you will thank me later.

What to wear with a white blazer? How about combining it with a sheer cropped top and a pair of straight skinny jeans? This is one of the easiest solutions but will be a guaranteed success, you can’t make a mistake with pairing your sheer top with straight skinny jeans. I am wearing my QS by s.Oliver Catie Ankle Jeans, which are in essence straight skinny jeans, paired with some black pumps with low heel. Lately, black pumps with low heel are getting more and more trendy and I hurried up and got myself a pair of Francesco Milano pumps.

A pair of black pumps with low heel are perfect for adding an elegant touch to any look.

For wrapping it all up you have the option of wearing sunglasses of your own preference and liking. I decided to spike up the look with square oversized sunglasses that complement well with the rest of the look. What do you think, square oversized sunglasses, yay or nay?

What type of summers do you have there? Would you wear a white zip up jacket during the summer?

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