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What Makes Women Love Shoes

Shoes are much more than just simple footwear with a practical purpose in our lives. In today’s article about why women love shoes, myself included, we will try to understand why women spend the last dime of their paycheck on buying a new pair.

Even though I have many nice pairs already, I can’t help myself and not buy a new pair of shoes. Here are some collages of shoes that are in trend that I’ve been eyeing recently. I’ve always had a soft spot for the classic black & gold color palette which highlights the sophistication often associated with luxurious elegance.

From soft leather ballerina flats to avant-garde heels, shoes have more power than most people will confess to. They provide a solid foundation that can instantly uplift our look. Personally, I enjoy shopping for trendy women shoes, owning them, taking proper and regular care of them, and finally wearing them. While our partners often think women wear high heels to look more attractive we know that they have a vague understanding of it.

Shoes go beyond just being attractive. They complete an outfit, change our appearance and give us confidence. Even though in many cases our new pair of shoes, unfortunately, will go unnoticed, it’s all about how they make us feel.

“I already have “enough” shoes…” is a phrase I often say to my besties, but it’s a lie I catch myself in when watching the windows of a shoe store. In the end, I always end up looking at the shoes through the window and think: “Maybe a new pair of popular Italian designer shoes next?”. A good pair of trendy women shoes are definitely going to put a smile on my face and make my day. Even though some could find it a little odd, there are so many people who swear that the right pair of shoes increases their self-confidence and self-esteem. Choosing the right pair of shoes and combining it with the rest of your outfit is often the finishing touch that you need to showcase your own unique expression of style, and therefore has a positive impact on your self-confidence. This along with the shoe being the foundation is definitely one of the reasons why women love shoes

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