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Freddy WR.UP Pants

Freddy is a well-known Italian apparel brand, and today I want to present to you their innovative Freddy jeans. Everybody talks about their fantastic sportswear, but sometimes us girls crave for shaping pants that can be worn in all situations.

Their new collection called Freddy WR.UP promises to shape your waistline, hips and thighs without looking like sports clothing.

Thanks to special shaping technology and the silicone band around the waistline, Freddy jeans will stay in place, sculpt your body and shape your silhouette. Sounds promising, right?

Freddy WP.UP pants are made of a unique high-stretch fabric that guarantees comfort and a perfect fit, no matter what. These perfect butt shaping pants are designed to support and emphasize your appearance by using Freddy’s patented technology to reshape your booty, giving you all the self-confidence a woman needs. The self-confident woman dresses to impress and moves towards her goal with ease. Moving forwards comes with confidence and if Freddy WR.UP pants are something that will give you the pinch of self-assurance that you may be missing definitely grab a pair.

The combination of special cotton, and stretchy jersey material is very nice on the skin, comfortable, super soft and highly elastic.

Freddy WR.UP pants are available in four versions: low waist, high waist, regular fit and medium fit. They also come in many colors, such as black, grey, army green and dark blue. You’ll be able to find a color to fit any occasion. You can combine them well with sweaters, blouses, shirts, more formal wear, jackets and coats. The possibilities are endless. The shaping pants will perfectly emphasize your body shape and probably get you more than a handful of compliments from your girlfriends.

Freddy was founded and is based in Italy. The brand has become synonymous with unique sportswear and innovation since 1976. All items from their collections are designed in Italy guaranteeing the quality you expect from Italian fashion.

With their WR.UP line, Freddy is now on a new undertaking creating a new kind of Freddy jeans shaping pants that shape your body using strategically placed seams and inserts. These silhouette enhancing pants will surely acquire many new Italian and international consumers.

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