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Legendary Charm

Wondering what to wear during summer to stay stylish? You might have a hard time trying to figure out what to wear and stay stylish during the summer. Why not go with a cute cocktail dress? The arrival of summer can make you think about what to wear after we get rid of all these layers that we’ve grown accustomed to wearing.

Spring and summer are seasons that require a complete shift, from wearing multiple layers to wearing often only one. Probably many of you like it, myself included, the freedom of wearing a single layer, the colors that match the blooming summer flowers. Summer always was and still is a simply charming season. The colors of roses and oleander that usually bloom at the end of May are just mesmerizing.

At this moment I’m really digging green colored clothing. I find green not only trendy during summer, but classy too, especially when presented as a cute cocktail dress.

I think a green chiffon dress is one of the summer must haves. My green chiffon dress is a shorter dress and is super versatile that can be worn to all kinds of events, from casual to formal, or a black tie event. The top and bottom lines made out of chiffon fabric make the dress stand out and an excellent choice for your summer gatherings.

If you are a lover of layers and can’t do without them, I would recommend to pair the cute cocktail dress with a blazer. In my case, I picked a white blazer since it adds a vibe of luxurious elegance to the look.

My obsession with this WalG green chiffon dress grows every day, check out a selection of their latest dresses. The transparent white chiffon trims work well in the white, beige and green color palette.

Hit the event in style with these posh pumps. This pair of pumps is great at giving an elongated look to my legs and seamlessly blend with the rest of the outfit.

Every outfit needs a bag, no exceptions during the summer! I went with my white Gaudì jewel enriched mini flap bag. To complete the look I’m wearing a pair of Sonia Buratti sunglasses and my gold & green Gianni Accessori statement bracelet.

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