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Magic Dream

Everyone should own a lace dress that flatters their figure. This striking lace sheath dress evokes romantic elegance, featuring half length sleeves that give a note of softness to the dress. This lace sheath dress is a real head turner that will definitely get you a ton of compliments.

I am totally in love with the half length sleeves of the dress, when the sleeve ends at the elbow or close to it. These types of dresses are stunning but are more fitting for formal settings instead of casual day wear. The half length sleeves remind me of the dress styles from the ’70s. I’m not sure if I already mentioned it here on my blog, but I am a huge fan of the ’70s & ’80s fashion.

The baby pink color is beautiful, and the overall look of the dress is lovely. My lace half sleeve dress comes with a smooth lining under the dress, which is a big help when putting it on, as the lace doesn’t stretch and could get caught on something sharp and get damaged. It pays to be careful with lace fabric.

Size wise I suggest to all of you beauties to size it up when buying a lace dress. In essence, a lace dress can’t be treated as every other dress you own mostly because the lace fabric isn’t that stretchy and could easily rip and tear if you try to pull too hard on it. To make it easier to put on the dress there is a zipper on the back that is a very welcome addition. The dress is perfectly suitable for dinner and a night out, cocktail events, evening leisure and could be worn as clubwear too.

To complete the look, I picked up a Rose Quartz crystals necklace and a 4-banded Rose Quartz crystal bracelet. Both the Rose Quartz crystals necklace and Rose Quartz crystal bracelet fit the lace sheath dress perfectly. The shades of pink match nearly perfectly, I love it.

Rose Quartz naturally comes in a soft pink color, ranging from very soft to medium in intensity. While Brazil is the biggest supplier of Rose Quartz, it can also be found in Madagascar, South Africa, Mozambique, India and the United States. Rose Quartz is quite durable (7 on the Mohs scale), stable and is often used in jewelry. It’s believed that Rose Quartz helps to balance emotional health, bringing love, trust and compassion. It’s called the stone of unconditional love for these reasons. These properties make Rose Quartz crystal jewelry a perfect gift for yourself or for others around you.

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