Elegance of Luxury

Infinite Dreams

For all of you out there who are wondering if a winter fur coat is still trendy and if it’s a good time to invest in one, the answer is: Yes! Not only is a winter fur coat trendy, but a winter fur coat is a great choice when building your capsule wardrobe. I would use this occasion to highlight my white fur coat and explain the reasons why I went with a tailored coat instead of just buying one.

When walking through the stores looking for a white fur coat, I often felt disappointed. Unfortunately when I tried them on most of them felt too bulky on me. Even though you need to expect some bulkiness when buying a winter fur coat, the bulkiness I experienced wasn’t very flattering in my opinion. When trying a size down, most of the coats I tried had problems with the arm sleeve length. A third, and biggest problem with some of the coats is that they didn’t seem to have sturdy construction. Needless to say, I quickly felt very exhausted from shopping for a winter fur coat to the point that I decided to leave it for some other time.

I didn’t want to consider shopping online for a coat anymore as I felt I already spent too much time going from store to store and constantly coming back home empty handed. I gave up and decided to get a custom made tailored coat. After a lot of work and a few weeks of waiting for it to be finished, I finally got my perfectly tailored white fur coat that didn’t have any of the problems I spoke about. It’s a perfect fit, and it has enough space to fit a good warm sweater under it. This tailored coat looks so chic, I would recommend the services or a good tailor if you can. If not, you will have to keep searching in stores and online, just make sure the shop has a good return policy if you aren’t pleased with the coat.

Under my tailored coat I’m wearing a sequin black top from Blue Vanilla that comes with a front covered in matte black sequins. With the sequin black top I’m wearing Hfn by Hlafton flared trousers in combination with my Mango wallet and black buckle shoes. The sequin black top evokes a dose of luxurious elegance and festivity in my opinion and the matte sequins are really of my liking. I love completing my outfits with a Mango wallet, just like I did here too. The smooth quilted leather of the Mango wallet is so hype.

What to wear with black flare pants? Some of the jewelry I chose to wear for this occasion are: Majique steel bangle and Angies Glamour Fashion earrings. My Brizza oversized round glasses adds a touch of playfulness.

Today I’m out celebrating the birthday of a close friend and she decided to take us all out for dinner. I had this fur coat outfit on my mind for a while now and decided that today was the right day to go with it.