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Bikkembergs Single Breasted Women’s Trench Coat

One of my favorite fall essentials this season is definitely a trench coat, specifically a single breasted women’s trench coat. But, it’s coming in a bit more simple style than what you would expect.

When I go shopping, I usually look for clothing I like, while not paying too much attention to the price on the tag. One of the most important matters to me, is the material and how a particular garment feels to touch. The clothing I wear varies from expensive, to affordably priced, however I can’t deny that sometimes I buy clothing just because it comes from a brand that I like.

Bikkembergs is a relatively new brand on the market. Even though their first opened store dates back to 1993, Paris, they don’t have many stores yet, so it wasn’t easy to find them. Bikkembergs rose to fame with their footwear that is easily recognized by its lightweight and comfortable design, and its constant focus on simplicity and versatility.

Over the years the brand has branched out into other clothing pieces and has developed a unique style. Combing comfort and unisex design, which this single breasted women’s trench coat definitely has, Bikkembergs has gained many returning customers.

As they managed to get my attention here I’ve opted for a mid-length, single breasted women’s trench coat in midnight blue, in contrary to a more traditional double-breasted design. I love this midnight blue color, as the material changes the shine depending on the light.

The mid-length one is the most common types, and is loved by both tall and petite women. These days you can also find a single breasted cut trench coat, that doesn’t make your chest look too bulky. When it comes to colors, I would suggest picking a camel or midnight blue colored piece as they are easier to style and combine with. It can be worn any time but, I usually use it as a transitional coat from spring to fall.

I can assure you that this popular timeless style of men’s outerwear works equally well for women and is definitely here to stay. If interested, check this how to style trench coat post where I styled this Bikkembergs trench coat.

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