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Furla – A Classy Ladies Dress Watch

Wearing a watch is one of the best ways to complement an outfit. Adding a classy ladies dress watch as that little final touch, that many don’t see as necessary, can really make a difference. The same goes for bracelets, rings and painted nails. Little details matter, but unfortunately, they often get overlooked.

If you are looking to buy a good quality watch, it’s advised to spend some time doing a bit of research and picking a watch that stands out from the rest. Don’t skip this part as the model you choose embodies your self-expression with your priorities of style, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with so many different styles out there.

And if you are willing to invest in timeless watches, then I would definitely advise adding a good quality watch to your collection. That’s also the main reason why I’ve picked a classic, natural earth tone Furla classy ladies watch. The idea was to find a watch suitable for every occasion, yet at the same time feminine.

Furla simple classic watch features a white dial complemented by gold-tone details on it, all accompanied by the gold case. The rectangular shape of the watch, as well as its brown leather strap, instantly bring a distinctive aesthetic form.

Other than associating brown with timeless watches, did you know that brown affects our mind and creates a feeling of wholesomeness and stability?

Furla is one of the prestigious Italian leather brands that was created by the Furlanetto family in 1927, and up to today is still one of the most popular Italian leather brands that produces items that range from handbags and shoes to accessories. What I really admire is that the brand uses the finest real leather. Personally, I like wearing a classy ladies dress watch as it can form a good habit to be on time. For me, watches are both functional and convenient pieces of fashion accessories.

The Arabic & Stick dial is purely my personal and aesthetic choice. If you also like it, then opt for a simple classic watch which is often popular in Scandinavian style watches. A simple classic watch is a timepiece that will never go out of style.

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