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Introduction to the Instagram Social Media Platform

Launched for iOS in October 2010, over two years Instagram has become the largest community for sharing photos and videos. The Instagram social media platform is built around sharing images and videos with people all over the world. Instagram has since quickly become a part of our daily life. There you can easily connect with your favorite brands, magazines, celebrities, the best style bloggers on Instagram, and of course most important, your friends and family members.

As I thought Instagram would blow up, I created an account at the end of 2012 to also start posting my looks and socialized with other fashion lovers out there.

To start using the Instagram social media platform you will have to download the Instagram app and set up your new account. Instagram is designed mainly for smartphones and it’s available for download on all major platforms.

It’s relatively easy to get started using Instagram, following and making friends out there. Most of the user activity happens on your Instagram feed where you can view & like pictures and connect with others. Following people of your interest will make sure you see their posts in your Instagram feed.

The most interesting part for many is the ability to apply a filter on photos, in simple words it’s great for quickly and easily editing your photos with one click, by simply applying pre-made filters. Some of the most popular filters on Instagram are Normal, Willow, X-Pro II and Valencia. You should definitely test them out!

Adding a caption is maybe the most important part of publishing a photo. Captions help you highlight that particular photo you are about to publish. Try to make it sound interesting and achieve it by using words, emojis and hashtags. You can also mention and tag your friends by placing ‘@’ in front of their usernames.

As you can see it’s easy to get started, so if this mini guide has piqued your interest towards setting up your account on Instagram and you want to know more about me, then go ahead and search for me there under the name @auroraberill. I’ve posted some photos which are Instagram exclusive.

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