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Segue Glitter Sneakers For Women

If you are looking to make a statement, then you should try out a pair of women’s glitter sneakers. Mine are a simple pair of lilac blue colored glitter sneakers for women, embellished with striking glitter details on the sides. A pair of silver glitter sneakers will add that pinch of glamour to your chic city look. Whether you prefer to pair your glitter sneakers with a pair of skinny jean pants or shorts during the summer. The glitter will give you the impact you need to stand out from the crowd.

Established in 2001 near Florence, the story of Segue, a colorful affordable streetwear brand begins when Andrea and Nicola Zini start working on an ambitious and creative project. Their effort results in Segue spreading with up to 300 stores in Italy alone, and 50 countries worldwide.

Their new concept store that recently opened in Milan is just a few steps away from the Duomo. It’s located in Via Torino, one of the oldest streets in the city. In their new concept store, you can find a variety of bags and accessories at good prices. While the prices range from cheaper to more expensive, the quality of all their products is always superb. Don’t forget to check for basic travel accessories such as an adapter, pillbox, sewing kit, sleeping mask, luggage scale – everything you need for a comfortable trip.

I am so in love with the eye-catching lilac blue colored pair of women’s glitter sneakers that I bought. With their satin finish that really makes the lilac blue color pop, I find them extremely versatile. The white laces with the Segue logo tag make them look extra cute. These silver glitter sneakers won’t break your bank, while at the same time, they maintain their original style, functionality and variety. These glitter sneakers for women are not only comfortable, but they will add an extra sparkle to any look you decide to wear. Even though we are still heading toward the winter season they already make me dream of spring, I can’t wait to pair them up with all sorts of looks. Aren’t they just awesome?

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  1. Super cute sneakers, never seen kicks in that color/material, how very unique. Great purchase! Thanks for connecting on IFB, it's always awesome to discover new great blogs 🙂 xx

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