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Romeo & Juliet – A Fine Jewelry Line by Brosway

Every woman is beautiful and deserves to feel confident in herself. A fine piece of jewelry can surely make us feel good and gives us that pinch of self-confidence that we all need. Brosway presented their new Romeo & Juliet fine jewelry line, whose design integrates the elegance and romanticism that is associated with the name of the line.

Founded in 1979 in Italy, Brosway combines creativity with innovation, which is the basis for the success of the brand. In the beginning, Brosway was just a small artisan company specializing in the production of watch straps in the Marche region of central Italy. Their dedication and attention to the smallest details when creating high quality goods quickly made them famous and much desired. Over the years the company expanded into the production of high quality jewelry and has now become a multi-brand company that has expanded its stores into more than 30 countries worldwide.

The Brosway Romeo and Juliet necklace made out of black steel and shiny Swarovski crystal elements represents two contrasting souls that are united in their difference. It symbolizes two hearts bonding together, which signifies an everlasting relationship. The necklace is made of 316L stainless steel, black ceramic and Swarovski crystal elements. Brosway’s use of 316L stainless steel makes the piece hygienic, very resistant to stains and scratches, and easy to clean. All combined the Brosway Romeo and Juliet necklace is very resistant to the corrosive effect of sweat, dust, humidity and the wear & tear of everyday use.

I usually suggest a piece of jewelry as a present for any occasion, because it’s more than just a simple purchase. Because jewelry shines and it makes women feel pretty. It symbolizes your affection and your commitment to that particular person. This Brosway necklace from their fine jewelry line mirrors the affection and commitment of two persons with the use and unity of two contrasting materials. I really like the unique approach that Brosway used in this fine jewelry line, with their integration of contemporary with trendy styles and the use of different materials, from the most precious to the most common.

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