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Luana Genuine Leather Baguette Bag

Today, I would like to talk about my latest purchase, the Luana genuine leather baguette bag. Personally, I prefer to buy a good quality bag that works well with many pieces, like in a capsule wardrobe collection, over many trendy items that might not fit with each other. Trends come and go, but carefully selected capsule wardrobe pieces remain.

A woman simply can’t own enough bags. A good quality bag isn’t meant to only carry our belongings, but it represents an extension of our personal style. Even though many current trendy handbags come in a large version, I suggest you not to acquire one, as a large handbag simply won’t enhance the details of your outfit, but rather take too much attention away from them. If you are interested in creating your own capsule wardrobe collection then you should probably look into buying a good quality bag. Leather is a very versatile and natural material and you can find leather bags in many different shapes, colors and sizes. A high quality leather bag will fit almost all your needs from shopping to traveling and more.

The Luana genuine leather baguette bag is finely crafted using high quality leather and comes with a small interior pocket to keep things organized. The stitching is very precisely done, and the leather tassel charms create an extra dynamic flair. Now, I know that some of you might think that it’s a little bit on the classic side, but trust me it really fits well with the majority of coats I own. I would definitely like to pair it with my Furla watch, and a beige raincoat as they will probably blend well with each other.

Luana was founded by Giuseppe Rosadi, in 1965, near Florence, Pelago Italy who named the line after his daughter, Luana Rosadi. Today, the company is led by Luana and her husband. Their mission is to produce bags of great quality. The brand’s desire is to express modernity while appreciating a traditional touch of quality and style. What do you think about my Luana leather bag? Leave me your comments.

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