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Are You Ready to Party? My Top Three Festive Dress Picks

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and that makes it a perfect time to spoil yourself and pick a perfect festive dress for welcoming the New Year that is about to come.

Most of us will probably gather our friends and celebrate it in an intimate way, while some others will attend a gala. But that famous question: “What should I wear tonight?” passes through the heads of all of us. It’s the start of a New Year, and we will bid farewell to the past year, so this is definitely an occasion to look good.

Just don’t forget that the dress you choose says a lot about you and your personality, so here we go. I am presenting you with three looks, with an accent on elegance and simplicity.

1. The first look is by Diane von Furstenberg, a simple black sweater dress. I think that both long and midi black sweater dresses are very versatile. You can wear one during your casual day activities and after adjusting your make-up a bit, present yourself at a party without anybody noticing it. It’s very easy to pair it with black pumps or over-the-knee boots. If you search for something simple yet elegant, you can’t go wrong with this dress.

2. The second look is by Valentino, a party dress for self-confident women. It’s a champagne gold sleeveless sequin dress, that I would love to wear with a black blazer adding a bit more of a formal vibe. Ah, I love this one. It can really make you stand out from the crowd.

3. The third look is also by Diane von Furstenberg. The Sarita Pebble-Lace Combo dress is here if you need to create a somewhat formal outfit. The leather bateau neckline makes it a modern yet, formal and elegant festive dress. Complete your look with a gold clutch bag and a pair of metallic gold, or if you dare, red stilettos.

Do you have a favorite look out of these three? Or would you maybe suggest some other festive dress? I encourage you to share your opinion in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Party? My Top Three Festive Dress Picks

  1. New years is over, but I still love the dresses. They can also probably be worn for Valentine's day! Great post
    Check me out at glitterbunnies.wordpress.com


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