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Feste by Mara Antonaccio & Tips on Creating a Festive Atmosphere

Christmas is almost here and it can be a very joyful, but at the same time also a stressful, time of the year. As we spend more time indoors during the holiday season, our focus shifts to how to make your home cozy for a festive atmosphere.

“Feste” by Mara Antonaccio is a book about holidays and other special occasions, and I love it so much because it contains some really creative DIY decor ideas. From Christmas table arrangement ideas to easy Christmas meals, here you can find some modern holiday decorating ideas to get you in the Christmas mood.

The book about holidays “Feste” definitely embraces both modern and traditional aesthetics. This blend is primarily noticeable when speaking about table arrangement ideas. I was especially hooked by the beautiful selection of gold-colored table decoration ideas to decorate your party in a chic and refined way!

Gold is always a trendy and particularly suitable color for any type of event or special occasion. Gold will add that gorgeous touch of glam to your holiday decor, so use it for a chic and ultra-bright effect.

This year, I already came up with some cool ways to decorate the home for the holidays. The hardest thing is to start, they say. Well, to make life easier for myself I am going to start with putting up some gold ornament displays in bowls, jars, baskets and other small containers. These sound the easiest to start with, and I absolutely swear they look amazing. Give your holidays some extra chic vibes this year!

There are many ways to add gold touches to your home, but the one that never goes out of the style is decorating a Christmas tree. Putting up and decorating a Christmas tree is so exciting to do, but such a big time consumer.

“Feste” by Mara Antonaccio will definitely help you to reduce stress, give you some insights about organizing special events, and help you with creating beautiful table arrangements and adding other finishing touches. All this while having some fun as well.

How are you going to decorate your houses for Christmas? Share your tips in the comments.

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