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Mango Sherpa Tote Bag

Finding the perfect sherpa tote to add to your collection of bags isn’t an easy task. It becomes even more complicated if you aim to keep up with trends but still purchase a bag that will be in season the next year.

As you have probably already noticed, on a few of my older articles such as Luana Genuine Leather Baguette Bag and November Chic Winter Outfit Shopping List, I am very much into building a collection of my preferred capsule wardrobe pieces that mix and match well together. Bags and shoes are a pillar in any capsule wardrobe so take extra care in picking the right ones.

Sherpa bags come in a wide variety of styles and shapes and they are perfect accessories for winter. From shoppers to totes, clutches and buckets, the range is rich and abundant. With Christmas just around the corner, I gave myself a special gift with the latest sherpa tote must have bag. Several days ago while shopping around at Mango, I saw a really beautiful sherpa tote, lined inside with soft white sherpa fabric. I bought it without thinking twice as it’s a versatile bag that will work well with the other capsule wardrobe pieces that I own.

Now, I know that people usually share a common image of people wearing sherpa fashion paired with extreme winters, but this is not entirely true. Sherpa fabric made bags are showing up more and more on fashion runways here during the mild winter climate. A good sherpa tote will definitely never go out of style, trust me on this!

It wasn’t easy to find my perfect tote bag. I spent a lot of time searching for it while going through the ups and downs of each type of bag. I wasn’t satisfied with many that were available for customers, all until recently. My local Mango store did an amazing job in helping me find one that fits my capsule wardrobe needs. Together we went through a range of bag styles that they had available until this sherpa tote bag completely stole my attention. Here are some tips on how to wear a tote bag.

A sherpa tote is a perfect winter bag. Definitely, one you must have!

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