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Explore Perugia – The City of Chocolate | Day One

Perugia, the city of chocolate, is a charming cultural and artistic city in central Italy. Situated in the hills of Umbria, many would agree that it’s a city that should not be missed if you are visiting the area. Perugia is a city famous for its long history and traditions with chocolate. Chocolate lovers, keep reading since there is one good reason why you need to visit the city of Perugia!

Some of you might know of Perugina chocolate and their famous Baci Perugina pralines, but they weren’t always known as Baci. La Società Perugina was created in 1907 in the city of Perugia. In 1922 Luisa Spagnoli created the “Cazzotto”, a “punch”, named so because she thought it resembled the knuckle of a hand. Two years later Giovanni Buitoni decided that a more romantic name was needed and decided to rename it “Bacio Perugina”, a “kiss”. Ever since, Perugina chocolate has grown its range of confectionery with innovative new products and has become associated with exquisite produced quality chocolate.

One of the best times for visiting Perugia is during the famous chocolate festival, Eurochocolate, held each year in October. The festival is a grand treat for all, especially chocolate lovers! A little reminder for chocolate fans; I recently posted an easy homemade hot chocolate recipe. Check out this article if you are interested in trying out an Italian style cup of hot chocolate.

My visit happened to be during the winter, still a great time for over-consuming chocolate, but unfortunately too late to enjoy the Eurochocolate chocolate festival. Visiting Perugia during the holiday season brings a whole different festive atmosphere that is nothing less enjoyable than visiting during the chocolate festival.

I arrived at the Hotel Quattrotorri in the late afternoon, it was already dark since the sun sets very early during the winter months. After the long trip, it was pleasant to discover the hotel offers Wi-Fi. From my experience not all hotels provide this, so I was happy that I could work on this post and keep you updated with my adventures in Perugia during my stay.

My room is big and in a modern contemporary style which makes it a pleasant environment for those who need to work during their stay. Stay tuned as I am going to keep you updated with another post from Perugia, but right now it’s time to get ready for dinner.

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  1. Beautiful photos! And what could be better than a chocolate festival?!? Thanks for sharing 🙂


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