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Explore Perugia – What to See & Do in Perugia | Day Two

What to see and do in Perugia?

After my breakfast at Il Vizio restaurant, I took a trip to one of Perugia’s Minimetros, as this was in my opinion the easiest and coolest way to reach the city. It was clean, fast and well maintained; I suggest you give it a try during your visit to Perugia. Also worth mentioning is that Perugia has its own small airport and even though I came by car, it is possible to fly directly from a few cities in Europe.

A great starting point would certainly be Piazza IV Novembre – which is enriched with the Fontana Maggiore, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and the Palazzo dei Priori. The heart of the city unfolds into some exceptional examples of medieval and early Renaissance architectural styles. Piazza IV Novembre is considered an artistic center of Perugia and houses The National Art Gallery of Umbria.

Corso Vannucci – a vehicle-free street full of caffè bars, restaurants, museums, shops and boutiques of any kind. I need to admit that I wasn’t the earliest bird coming to the city center today. So after admiring some of the monuments, and visiting a few shops, it was already early afternoon. I ended up in one of the nearby restaurants, tasting some of Umbria’s Italian regional cuisine and pairing it with a glass of white wine. I would also recommend you experience the atmosphere of Perugia’s city center during the night by booking a reservation at some of the restaurants around this area.

Don’t forget to admire the city from different locations and take pictures from different angles of the city. During the winter season, it’s not going to be easy to get the sun shining through the clouds, but I didn’t mind, as the city offers so much romance and charm.

For all of you with a sweet tooth, visit the famous Perugina chocolate factory that is located just a few kilometers away from Perugia’s town center. See this previous article to learn more about Baci Perugina.

After I spent my entire day in the center of Perugia and tasting some delicious local food, I went back to my hotel to have dinner at the Il Vizio. Yes, the same place I had my breakfast in, as it is part of the Hotel Quattrotorri that I’m staying at. For dinner, I opted for fine dining. I had heard about this restaurant before from various sources, as one of the greatest restaurants in the town. Il Vizio offers fresh specialties from modern Italian food to sushi.

In my opinion, Umbria is an underrated region of Italy. It has so much to offer, but it’s a little bit different from the rest of the popular Italian destinations. It really depends on the person, of course, but if you are a true epicure, then the Umbria region is going to make you fall in love with its delicious Italian regional cuisine. Umbria is also known as “the green heart of Italy,” because of its abundant greenery. Due to its varied terrain, it is considered among the best areas for hiking. Perugia is a quiet place where people enjoy Umbrian cuisine; where nature enthusiasts enjoy landscapes and hiking.

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