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My First Maians – A Pair of Comfortable Sneakers

With the first rays of sun shining through my window, signaling the end of winter, my heart jumps thinking about stocking up for the coming spring and summer season. It’s January and stores are getting rid of their winter jackets and sweaters, and have started stocking up with spring-summer essentials. Maians, I’ve heard of this brand so many times now, but it’s just now that I bought a pair of their comfortable sneakers. And from my first impression, it won’t be the last pair that I bought from them.

Maians is a Spanish shoe company producing handcrafted shoes for every occasion. The company tries to be transparent by informing buyers about where they source their materials, and by showing their craftsmanship and heritage.

They source their materials from local suppliers in the La Rioja region of Spain, where their family-owned factories are located. For the shoe upper they use canvas, jute, or natural cotton materials. For the soles, they use natural rubber vulcanized by traditional processes. Rubber vulcanization is a process that transforms natural rubber from a soft and sticky substance into a hard and flexible material. Perfect for the soles, giving them flexibility, breathability and comfort. The result is noticed immediately when you slip them on.

Aside from well-known sports brands, finding comfortable shoes that you can wear all day long isn’t an easy task for most people. Maians is on track to meeting customers’ demands for shoes made with sustainable materials, while not sacrificing on looks, comfort, or durableness of their shoes.

Maians focus on their Mediterranean heritage, inspired by the summer, sun, sea, waves and sailing boats. Even their brand name comes from the old barrier island off the coast of Barcelona, called Maians, which has now become part of the city due to the moving coastline.

If you are also in search of comfortable, yet stylish shoes, or some quick-to-put-on footwear, then give Maians a try. They won’t disappoint.

I now finally own my first pair of Maians, a pair of comfortable sneakers. They are well-welcomed in my collection of shoes because of their unique production process, material usage, and versatility.

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