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Dive & Co. Ivory Leather Ballet Flats

Slipping into a pair of ballet flats is an easy and effortless way to add a bit of a classy vibe and instantly elevate your look. With so many chic choices coming from top designers, flats are gaining so much more attention than ever before.

My last Saturday shopping brought me these beauties that have absolutely everything I want from them to create a classic evergreen look. Apart from creating a classy evergreen look, I think that ballet flats are the perfect shoes for any occasion. You could wear them absolutely anywhere, from working a long shift, weekend outings, to casual dinner with your other half. I also used to wear them for short walks, walking around the city, and doing groceries.

With so many chic choices coming from top designers, flats are gaining so much more attention than ever before. Classy leather ballet flats are timeless, and if you are into building a capsule collection wardrobe, you should get at least one pair of comfortable flats that will serve you for a long time. Here, you could scroll through some of the pairs of flats that I find essential to have in your capsule collection wardrobe.

Did you know that classic ballet flats have been around for almost 60 years? The story of flats starts when Brigitte Bardot requested a pair of lightweight ballet slippers from designer Rose Repetto back in 1956. Women today started to prioritize comfort over high heels, and I actually like it, as it gives women more freedom and practicality while wearing everyday casual flats. Leather ballet flats are a type of shoes you can feel good in all day long.

Dive & Co. leather ballet flats have it all. The leather is soft, and the shoes are lightly padded which is comfortable when spending a prolonged time wearing them. I plan to style my pair of ivory ballet bow flats, which are one cute pair of comfortable dressy flats, with black pants and a black sweater to create some extra contrast. And when the warmer seasons hit I would encourage you to style ballet flats with long dresses too.

Ballet flats also called ballerina flats or simply flats, are the type of shoes every woman should invest in. Pick between the classic low-edge heel, mid-heel, pointed-toe flat, or maybe an enriched upper to your own personal liking with studs or even glitter.

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  1. That is so true. Boys do hate them. I have noticed it too. They only seem to like heels mostly. But, they don't what its like to walk in heels 😛

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