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Kappa Merlot Red Lightweight Trench Coat

The Kappa lightweight trench coat comes in a slightly shorter length than usual. But I was so tempted to buy the short trench coat mostly because of its shine. Even though it’s not very visible from the pictures, this lightweight trench coat has an amazing red hue that reflects the light from bright to dark tones, depending on the lighting. Seriously, this merlot red hue is meant to impress. I really liked the shine the trench coat has, and I just had to have it.

My double breasted trench coat is beautifully made with attention to detail and practicality, visible on the inner side of the trench. If you are focusing on building a capsule wardrobe, I suggest you purchase a similar one, well, both a shorter and longer version of the trench coat. In case you have questions or doubts about short trench coats as many people consider them primarily for petite women, let me assure you that they also work perfectly fine for taller ladies.

Trench coats will add so much diversity to your wardrobe, especially if you go for a bit more unusual than the standard hue. They could be used with ease for all occasions, from casual to formal, always working on enhancing your personal style.

The Kappa lightweight trench coat provides protection against the rain, wind and other elements while the lightweight material gives you all the comfort of movement you need. With the coming arrival of the occasional spring rainy weather, I think this merlot red lightweight trench coat will be a great addition to my wardrobe.

Size wise, I got mine in size small and there is plenty of room in the coat for wearing long sleeve shirts, and in case of colder and unstable weather, I could even pack in a sweater under it. In fact, I plan to wear it with a hoodie during the colder days of the season.

If you decide to add one similar to my short trench coat into your collection, I guarantee you’ll be walking in style and comfort, and at the same time turn some heads.

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