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Basic Beauty Hair Care Treatment

Basic Beauty products are sold in the perfumery Limoni, which has been primarily operating under the Douglas name since May 2017. For the purpose of this review, I’ve gotten myself two shampoos and a hair mask from Basic Beauty. The revitalizing shampoo with pro-vitamin B5 is specifically made for normal hair, while the nourishing shampoo is made for treating dry hair. The Intense Color Mask for treated hair is enriched with baobab oil.

I’ve also heard that it’s possible to find Basic Beauty products in La Gardenia perfumeries, but as I can’t confirm it, I encourage you to just step in and find out if you happen to find yourself somewhere in Italy. If you are based in Italy, then maybe you could try ordering it online on douglas.it or amazon.it.

The revitalizing shampoo is formulated for normal hair and is ideal for more frequent use. The vitalizing formula enriched with baobab leaf extract, and rich in vitamin C provides strength to your hair. Pro-vitamin B5 and Soya soften and protect the hair from daily negative effects, giving a longer lasting shine to your hair. I’ve been using this revitalizing shampoo and it’s perfect for all of you who wash your hair daily.

The nourishing shampoo is a great solution for those of you, like me, who have dry, parched, weak or otherwise in need of some hair care treatment. The baobab pulp provides vitamins, minerals and revitalizing sugars that will revive the dull and exhausted hair by hydrating it. Vitamin F nourishes, strengthens and restores the natural protection of the hair, while glycerin softens and restores elasticity to the hair. Just apply it on your wet hair, massage it into your scalp and leave it for a few seconds. Then simple rinse it out with warm water. The nourishing shampoo will soften your hair and leave it healthier, embracing you in a pleasant and delicate scent afterward.

Preferably complete the hair care treatment process with a conditioner or a hair mask. In my case, I decided to use the Intense Color Mask for colored and treated hair, from the same line of Basic Beauty products. The mask is enriched with baobab oil and silk proteins that will protect and soften your hair. I used it three times already, around once per week and I love how my hair immediately became silky, healthier and shinier. Personally, I’m in love with all these three baobab hair products. I think they work well together. Between my friends I’ve heard a lot of positive comments about Basic Beauty products, and my hair definitely loves these products.

6 thoughts on “Basic Beauty Hair Care Treatment

  1. A me non sono piaciuti questi due prodotti e la maschera capelli mi ha anche appesantito molto i capelli. Ovviamente i miei capelli grassi sono un caso disperato!

  2. Ciao cara, mi dispiace che ti sei trovata male con questi prodotti. I miei capelli sono secchi e un po' stanchi dalla colorazione. Gli ingredienti sono molto buoni e dopo 2/3 usi ho già notato la differenza.
    Grazie per essere passata, buon weekend!

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