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Cinti Designer Wedge Sneakers

Cinti wedge sneakers are an excellent alternative to the designer wedge sneakers of Isabel Marant. The recent trend of wedge sneakers for women is everywhere and everybody is trying to grab a pair of their own designer wedge sneakers. After spotting these gorgeous black wedge sneakers I had to bring them home with me.

Wedge heel sneakers are gaining in popularity, mostly as they are comfortable to walk in and are at the same time fashionable looking. You can walk in them for hours without your feet hurting. Wedge sneakers look like sneakers but wear like wedges. If you are familiar with wearing wedges, then this pair of trendy sneakers will give you the comfort you need and a prominent street style look. You can combine them with hoodies, sporty sweaters or similar urban style pieces. In general, wedges can offer more arch support for your feet, and therefore are a great alternative to stilettos or heels.

Cinti is an Italian footwear brand founded in 1952 and has been operating in this sector for more than 60 years. The brand is a well known shoe brand in Italy and I like that all their shoe assortments are made with quality leather and are produced in Italy.

I would especially recommend wedge heel sneakers to petite women as they will provide you all the comfort you need while adding those few couples of inches. With wedge heel sneakers being a hybrid between sneakers and high heels you can combine them with many different types of looks. When paired with a blazer, you can instantly transform your look into a black tie look. Wedge sneakers will still look just as chic as heels but are going to be so much more comfortable to wear.

Usually, when it comes to sneakers, no matter if they are designer wedge sneakers or a simple pair of sneakers, I am mainly focused on comfort, but looks are a very close second. And this pair of Cinti black wedge sneakers didn’t disappoint. That said, versatility is also one of their pluses and surely one of the reasons I got myself a pair of these popular black wedge sneakers. I find them a perfect mix of street style and chic look.

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