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Gold Metallic Bikini From Lolita Flores Collection

Are you ready for the upcoming summer yet? I’ve got my new metallic bikini to keep my beach style game strong this summer.

My new gold metallic swimsuit is from the collection of Lolita Flores’s designer swimwear. I immediately fell for the gold metallic swimsuit shine and as I haven’t seen much of this type of swimwear before I knew I had to add it to my swimwear collection. It was love at first sight.

I can relate with all of you who are a bit on guard when it comes to purchasing a non standard style bikini. The odd form of the bikini can make you tan unevenly. Each year there are dozens of new styles of swimsuits out there. Honestly, I do fall in love with most of them. But, even though I like seeing new trends coming on the racks, when it comes to bikinis I don’t see myself wearing any too complex ones. I almost always end up buying a simple two piece swimsuit.

The shine of this gold metallic bikini really makes it stand out. And if you decide to purchase any of these eye-catching and flattering metallic shine ones you will certainly catch the attention of your girlfriends. The metallic bikini will make you look at your best at the beach or the pool.

The fabric is soft and nice to the touch and doesn’t differ much from the standard swimsuit fabric. Some of you will probably come with concerns that the sparkle shimmer could rub off with time, and although it often happens with cheaper fabric, that’s not the case with this designer swimwear piece. I haven’t had any issues after already wearing it a few times when going to the pool and washing it afterward when coming back home. For all of you who didn’t yet purchase your new swimwear for the closely upcoming season, here are some of my recommended designer swimwear pieces to get for the summer.

Even though it sounds a bit early, the summer is getting closer and closer, I would suggest to start preparing yourself for some sunbathing with a new gold metallic swimsuit. What do you think about a metallic bikini?