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Memorable – A Custom Perfume by Aurora Berill

Creating your own custom fragrance came with a lot of joy and excitement for me. My Parfum gave me the possibility to slip into the role of a perfumer and create my own custom perfume. I was so lured in by the idea of creating a unique perfume and picking the particular notes that I thought would best represent me. This experience was so fun for me and I am going to tell you all about the whole process. I hope you share the same interest in creating a custom fragrance, and want to know more about the perfume making process.

For somebody like me, who is for the first time undertaking making a custom perfume, I decided to take it slow and answer a small questionnaire and in that way make it easier for myself and the team of fragrance experts to understand a little bit more of my favorite personal scents and how to mix them all together into a custom fragrance.

The first step in my journey of creating a custom perfume was about choosing the character of my custom fragrance. Many of you are probably wondering about how to find your signature scent? The expert fragrance designer team would encourage you to start by picking the scent that best reflects your personality. We all have a specific preference when picking the notes for your signature scent. Picking the notes for your custom perfume goes hand in hand with picking clothing, both are based on a personal style and on your own perception of yourself.

When this was done, I had to put all the notes that I find attractive on a list, and pick only the absolute favorites of mine. I went with Damascan Rose as the top note. For the heart and base notes, I went with Indian Patchouli, Oriental Amber, Sandalwood and White Musk. I tried to create a long lasting memorable scent, so I gave it the name Memorable by Aurora.

The final step is no less important than picking the notes of your signature scent. Now you will have to design your personalized perfume bottle. I went with a rather simple flat round bottle with a pink cap reflecting the top note of Damascan Rose. The bottle design is a simple one and evokes an everlasting signature scent.

Did you know that one of the most well known fragrances from recent history would be Chanel No. 5, created by a collaboration between Gabrielle Chanel and Ernest Beaux. That was a start of a new era when perfumes started to appear in newspapers and tv addressed mostly toward women. If it piques your interest, I have written an article about Chanel No. 5 Eau Première HERE.

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