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LindseyMarie Jessica Contest

I would like to talk about my amazing collaboration with LindseyMarie. In a previous post, I featured LindseyMarie white keshi pearl earrings. With the luster of freshwater pearls and the asymmetrical shape, no two pairs of these earrings will be the same. Getting obsessed with these keshi pearl earrings!

On this occasion, I am excited to tell you that now, my collaboration with LindseyMarie goes one step further. Me and nine other amazing international fashion bloggers had the opportunity to design a #DYOJessica piece of jewelry. We all put in such a great effort and designed some beautiful jewelry pieces. For my custom designed set of jewelry that contains a beautiful necklace and bracelet, I picked real Moonstone as its signature stone. Moonstone channels our feminine side and brings balance, growth and strength to our life. Moonstone gemstone is known also for its calming effect on the mind and for removing the stress of everyday life.

But, as this post it’s not only about us, but also about you, there is a small surprise for you too. If you decide to participate in the competition, you will get a chance to win the newly designed Jessica piece of jewelry if the design you voted on ends up winning! Pretty cool, isn’t it? This contest runs until Wednesday June 4th 2014!

Help me to win! It’s a great chance for us both, as we will both win a pair of newly custom design jewelry. Isn’t it great?

How to win

  • 1. This is a direct link to my Jessica Moonstone custom design jewelry: http://bit.ly/1ib1PAA
  • 2. LIKE LindseyMarie’s Facebook page
  • 3. VOTE for my Jessica Moonstone, and get a chance to win the newly designed Jessica
  • 4. Fill in your personal information
  • 5. Spread the word about this contest, and share it with your besties.

If you are interested in purchasing gorgeously made jewelry from the current collection of LidseyMarie, then maybe you will be interested in getting a small discount? Here I am bringing you a unique exclusive promotion code for 15% OFF. Use the code ‘lindseymarie15’ during the checkout.

Thanks a lot for your love and support! Good luck!

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