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Variations on Black

Spring has come and therefore it’s time to refresh my wardrobe and introduce a black sleeveless jumpsuit to it. I love wearing jumpsuits as it doesn’t matter whether I dress for a casual day or a fancy night out, they always accomplish the task and add uniqueness to your look. When styling jumpsuits you have the opportunity to be playful & casual for daytime activities and you can easily switch into a black-tie look by just polishing up your accessories.

My aim for this article was to create a dressy look that wears equally well during the daytime and at the same gives you all the freedom and sophistication for any evening event. Well, unfortunately, this was one of these windy days, that make your hair fly all around your face. In these kinds of conditions taking pictures becomes a turbulent process. It doesn’t usually get that windy here, and I felt relieved after we managed to take these photos. Enough about the weather, let’s go back to styling jumpsuits.

In my opinion, jumpsuits are just effortlessly stylish. If I would need to pick one clothing item that fits perfectly on all body shapes, it would be a jumpsuit. Their form-fitting shape usually accentuates the waist and hips creating a flattering and feminine look on everyone.

In today’s post, I’m pairing a WalG deep V neck black sleeveless jumpsuit with a casual black blazer and straw heels. Straw heels work great, especially during the summer season. If you are picking a jumpsuit that preferably works on many different occasions, then go for a sleeveless one and when needed go for the jumpsuit with jacket look and you’ll be ready to go. Personally, I love this black sleeveless jumpsuit as it also comes with pockets on the sides. Don’t forget to add a belt to highlight your silhouette, just as I did.

Accessories wise, you can either pick a more elegant approach or a mix of both playful and elegant together. In my case, the balanced gold details from my Silvity diamond necklace and Mikey London bracelets blend well together, as do the LindseyMarie keshi pearl earrings and the playful pink Ozeal sunglasses.

Getting obsessed with this pair of earrings! The luster of freshwater pearls is just so chic. Do you like them too? Click here and get a chance to win custom designed jewelry from LindseyMarie.

I’m in love with my jumpsuit with blazer and heels look. Complete your look with pumps, sandals or even open toe heels. It’s completely up to your liking as most shoes work well with jumpsuits, which makes them such a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe.

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