Elegance of Luxury

One Charming Spring Day

If you’re looking for a sleeved sheath dress that works wonders and makes you feel confident about your look and presence, try out a white sheath dress. Or should we call it the little white dress? You will look stunning no matter the occasion and your presence will pass as classy and elegant.

Let’s dive deeper into what is a sheath dress. A sheath dress is a basic dress that stays close to your body, and every closet should have at least one sheath dress hanging in them. Women with an hourglass body type will find these dresses amazing as they greatly showcase their hourglass figure, putting an accent on their curves. A sheath dress usually goes down to the knees, give or take a few inches. Following your curves is the main job of this dress, but that doesn’t mean that other body types should stay away from it. A sheath dress is a great, polished dress for meetings and formal events.

My sleeved sheath dress really comes off as flattering and comfortable, and besides all a great start for building a capsule collection. As I said earlier, a sheath dress is one of the basics when it comes to dresses.

White, white and more white. I love a good white outfit. On top of the sleeved sheath dress I styled the white Liviana Conti bag. Made out of real leather, the Liviana Conti bag is a style of bag that I’m very fond of.

Some of you might find it a bit unusual to wear a half sleeve length dress as there are no current trends promoting it. In my opinion half sleeve length dresses are a safe ground for various situations. I mean, why wear a blazer in the office if you can feel comfortable and look good just wearing one layer?

Accessories wise I am wearing my H&M sunglasses, Chanel silver stud earrings, Morellato necklace with interlocking circles that I recently featured, a gorgeous white & gold Gianni Accessori statement bracelet and finally, a Splendore silver ring.

I paired the little white dress with black Jennika ballet flats, as I aimed to show how to stay comfortable while being elegant. But if you don’t mind you can pair your sleeved sheath dress with some stylish pumps to get an elegant look from head to toe.

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