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WGWT – What Goes With This?

WGWT is a fashion community that enjoys talking about fashion and upcoming trends. WGWT, an abbreviation for “What goes with this?” is the new way of going shopping with your besties online, instead of asking them for advice through your phone.

It’s a common thing that has overcome plenty of you, when at one point, in the hurry of dressing up you just realize that you don’t have anything to wear. And soon, after you take a deep breath and try to regain your composure you notice time is running out. A moment of panic strikes and you hastily go through your wardrobe but you still don’t have a clue, what goes with this?

Worry not, these moments happen to everybody. We’ve all been there. It happens even to fully wardrobed shopaholic girls. The mix of being in a hurry, your focus being shifted around, and problem solving not bringing any result. I suggest you take some time and approach the situation when you won’t be all around the place. But sometimes the problem doesn’t lie in a mix of lack of time and your attention being divided, in that case keep reading.

After registration on What Goes With This, you are ready to go and ask for outfit ideas and suggestions on which stores to visit. The online fashion community will then advise you on the best products and stores to pick them from, with the aim to fulfill your needs.

Don’t stress over and overthink about what to wear for an upcoming important event, just register on WGWT, and name your three favorite brands to follow. Then as the last step pick three fashion items that you are absolutely in love with. WGWT fashion community will then do its best to assist you.

WGWT is a online fashion community for asking and giving style advice. There, you will find a lot of style experts, bloggers, fashionistas and even I am there, ready to help you with picking your outfit.

The feature “request a look” is going to connect you with the community, to recommend the best looks for you. You can even upload or link to photos of items you already own and ask us what goes with this? With real human interaction and conversation about style & fashion, the WGWT fashion community really has a lot to offer.

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