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Forte dei Marmi – Lyrics on the Beach

As you might have already noticed from the title, I have just come back from my holidays. It’s often said that is hard to recollect all the summer moments, and it really is. Time flies when having a great time.

This year I decided to go to Forte dei Marmi again, one of my favorite vacation destinations. And I’m not going to lie to you, even though this isn’t my first time visiting Forte dei Marmi, I wish I could rewind back my summer and go through all of this once again. I bet you know what I’m talking about and feel the same!

One of the most important tips for traveling is to pack your stuff for different weather conditions. It’s important to have options in case you end up spending more time watching the rain drops accumulate on the windows of your hotel room, rather than enjoying the sun outside.

I was so thrilled when Tuesday 19th August came. After a light breakfast at home, I put on a long sleeved shirt, a pair of jeans and a silk scarf. The wind was blowing moderately and it was pretty much a cloudy sky. My plan was to get some tan and spend my days at the beach, but the weather conditions this past week were unfortunately not the greatest. Sadly, I only got two or three days to spend at the beach, and the rest of the week I spent exploring the city and the local and Italian regional cuisine. Tuscanian cuisine emphasizes fresh and seasonal ingredients, so tasty!

Forte dei Marmi is known for its beaches built purposely for leisure. If you want to have some personal space that comes with an exclusive feeling you should book a spot in a beach club. The easiest way for tourists to access a beach club is to stay at a hotel that is connected to one or has its own private club. Alternatively, you can contact a particular beach club and book with them separately. I love the generous size of the beaches and the personal space that comes with them.

What to wear on a nice day at the beach? Well, I like to go with a maxi dress, or in my case a striped maxi dress with mesh on the back enriched with a Mikey London bracelet. The WalG maxi striped dress with a scoop neckline works well for a day at the beach, but is even better for a casual evening dinner. For many who wonder how to style a maxi dress, it will work wonders combined with a denim jacket, that gives you the possibility to rock it out during a cloudy day when wandering around the charming streets of Forte dei Marmi.

However, the trip to Forte de Marmi brought a lot of fun and memorable moments, experiencing the Italian cuisine, and overall just an amazingly good time all week long.

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