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Luxury Travel Destinations in Italy – Forte dei Marmi

The city of Forte dei Marmi is becoming one of the top luxury travel destinations for many European tourists. Situated on the Italian Riviera Versila, Forte dei Marmi is a secret gem known for its beautiful soft white beaches. The city has a rich cultural environment intertwined with history and art & culture. I completely fell in love with the place and its prestigious looking villas, luxury shopping areas and gorgeous beaches.

Forte dei Marmi has been the place of residence for many artists, writers and other notable people, and is known as one of the popular places to stay in Tuscany. The city offers a rich lifestyle, a warm atmosphere and provides varied opportunities for enjoyment. From the crystal-clear waters to hiking up the stunning Apuan Alps, the city shows off a fraction of Tuscany’s extraordinary different landscapes.

This summer I was browsing through the many places to stay in Tuscany. It was so hard since there are many great places in Tuscany worth visiting, but in the end, I decided to go on a vacation to Forte dei Marmi. It was a bit of a last-minute trip, so I did none of the usual months of planning that is advised to do. I often get lost in a huge pile of clothes I want to take with me, and with the rush of the last-minute trip, I had to wake up early to finish picking and choosing what to bring with me.

Upon my arrival in Forte dei Marmi it was already almost time for lunch, the sun was high in the sky so I decided to visit a luxury shopping area and have lunch in one of the local restaurants. During the early mornings and on gloomy days I went to the city center to explore and in the afternoon I would spend my time on the beach sunbathing. The turquoise blue water and well-organized gorgeous beaches provide a flawless background to capture beautiful pictures. My absolute favorite part of the day was when the sun started to set and the horizon turned golden. Forte dei Marmi hosts an array of restaurants serving local dishes. Many are situated on the beach and are perfect places for whiling away your evenings. The beautiful surroundings combined with the culinary delights of the local Italian food make Forte dei Marmi one of the top luxury travel destinations in Italy.

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