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Don’t Touch the Sun!

What’s better than going on a relaxing getaway while having a full row of sunny days in the fall? It’s a perfect time to pair my long shirt dress with snake print sandals and escape from the chaos of the city for a day.

If you’re planning a relaxing getaway, my recommendation would be a short weekend one that you can fit easier into your schedule, and you won’t have to do much planning in advance.

Quick relaxing getaways are amazing as they can really be unplanned but satisfying, giving everyone a fresh start once they get back home to the city setting lifestyle.

Depending on your choice, you could spend a day out hiking, or dive into completely new experiences of local culinary delights and sights. Personally, when on a relaxing getaway I am always excited to try the local cuisine of the place. You never know what new delights you will discover.

During my peaceful getaway I enjoyed the fall rays of sun, they were so pleasant. The relaxing sound of flowing river water in the distance and a light breeze softly blowing through the trees. I guess I would call this place an oasis of peace, a feeling of pure relaxation. You wish to stop time and have these moments last forever. I highly recommend from time to time spending a peaceful getaway outside the city.

My advice is to pick something more comfortable when packing up for a quick weekend getaway. Here I picked my linen Old Navy long shirt dress that not only fits flawlessly, but my skin loves it.

Linen is a very breathable and versatile fabric and I suggest you invest in or update your capsule collection with it. The long shirt dress comes with a button up closure and is suited for both wearing casually and in an office setting.

The leather belt comes from KOAN by Coin and the snake print sandals from Bangi Shop. Their handmade leather shoes are unique and comfortable pieces. I am sure you will find something for yourself there.

Whether you’re looking for an escape to nature, or you want to visit some nearby villages, don’t forget to leave your worries behind and pamper yourself by focusing on enjoying the present.

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  1. I feel like I can never find anything at Old Navy but I constantly see people wearing something I want and I realize it's from Old Navy. I love that dress!

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