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Dangerous Trust

Recently I started looking for a cardigan that would have a casual vibe and therefore have great versatility. I found this knitted sweater cardigan that works so well no matter if it’s paired with a skirt or a simple pair of jeans.

The knitted sweater cardigan itself is long sleeved and it features an open front with ribbed trim. The knitted sweater cardigan gives great coverage too. It’s a perfect fit, and the material is strong. When it comes to the cardigan I would describe it as a dark gray heather cardigan. A special detail this cardigan features is a hook closure on the shoulder that creates a drape effect. I find the hook a cool addon that makes this knitted sweater cardigan stand out more.

Nikki Stark Jewellery is a goldsmith making contemporary jewelry. The story of the Nikki Stark goes back a long time, to when Nikki was only 10 years old and got interesting into making jewelry which lead her to take a silversmithing course. Nikki finds metalwork deeply satisfying and her designs are influenced by the physical process of making and implement gemstones of all kinds and types.

Nikki is based in South West London and has been making jewelry using traditional techniques for over fifteen years. Her work is small in scale and delicate in appearance. These pieces are meant to be a statement of your individuality, not something trendy or short living only. Her designs are available in sterling silver, 9ct gold and 18ct gold via special order.

What to wear with a black cardigan? A smart way to elevate your look is to invest in timeless jewelry pieces that don’t always necessarily follow the latest trends. These are pieces you can wear on a daily basis and have them become a part of you.

I’m featuring a set of 4 rings in gold and silver that I adore because of their unique shape, and even more knowing they are handmade pieces of jewelry.

For the other accessories, I’ve picked a Sisley bag and a Zuiki gray knitted beanie. Try pairing your knitted sweater cardigan with a pair of boots. Love, love these Pompili western leather boots that I previously wrote about.

Luckily I took these photos just before I got sick. Don’t worry it’s nothing dangerous, just a normal winter cold. Staying at home has been slowly driving me crazy. On the other side, I love drinking a large amount of my favorite cherry flavored tea. I am definitely not a TV person but when I get sick I like to spend some time in front of the TV catching up on movies and my favorite series.

5 thoughts on “Dangerous Trust

  1. When I get sick all I want to do is sleep. I'm just lazy haha
    I love the cardigan but those rings are beautiful!! It's the simple things that make me swoon.
    I hope you feel better!

    XO |EESH

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