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Cold Hearted Memory

If you got inspired by my previous black aesthetic outfit that can be used on quite a few occasions, read on for some of my tips on how to blend black into an urban street style look. Urban street style is a look that I find myself drawn to recently. It showcases some edgy elements and draws attention to accessories such as belts, silver jewelry and boots of all kinds.

But before we start to dive deeper into it, I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely time celebrating with your loved ones. We didn’t attend any New Years’ celebration gathering outdoors, but rather spent it together indoors, eating a delicious dinner and a lot of handmade cupcakes of all kinds and flavors. I have a sweet tooth for cupcakes. How did you pass your New Year’s Eve? Share it with me in the comments below.

Now, let’s get back to talking about my urban street style outfit. My aim for this outfit was to play with black & white elements. This edgy chic style sweatshirt is so Chanel inspired and definitely rocks when you use it for your casual activities. It’s an edgy chic style sweatshirt featuring a large Chanel inspired logo on it. The sweatshirt itself is made out of cotton, it features a round neck, comes in a loose fit and is pretty sturdy. It doesn’t stretch much, if any at all, but honestly I like it that way.

I styled the edgy chic style top with a pair of darker jeans that accentuates an urban street style look. If you want, you can also safely match it with a pair of tight leather pants.

When to wear a leather jacket? Complete the urban street style outfit by throwing on a black leather jacket for women. As you probably know, I’m fond of a good leather jacket. These are perfectly suited for winter, spring and fall. I love pairing a black leather jacket for women with t-shirts and dresses for an edgy chic style look. For more inspiration check out one of my other black leather jacket outfit ideas.

I love combining C&A cable beanie and a pair of FREYRS sunglasses with gradient lenses. To add a bit of urban street style vibe I wear a levis leather belt, Primadonna studded leather boots and a studded purse.

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