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The Bridge & The Story Behind Leather Bags Made in Italy

Leather’s popularity is rooted in its quality and sophisticated look. It has been known as a timeless and durable material and is often used to create items such as leather bags, jackets and shoes. Today I’ve decided to write an article about The Bridge, a well known producer of leather bags made in Italy.

The Bridge was founded by the Il Ponte Pelletteria Company in 1969. They are based in Florence, Italy and use high quality leather and other luxury materials to make the highest quality leather bags. What I really love about The Bridge bags is their sublime quality and rare vintage touch of style that has successfully stood the test of time. The Bridge and their Tuscany made leather bags are present in numerous stores around the world and are considered to be one of the best leather bags made in Italy.

Here I have rounded up some of my favorite products from their latest fall/winter 2013/14 collection that immediately caught my attention.

This elegant brown leather hobo bag holds everything you need for your leisure travel, and you can easily transform it into a leather bag for work or a leather office bag. Its practicality comes from its size and ease of wear on your shoulder. This brown leather hobo bag is perfect for everyday use.

The large leather messenger bag comes in a classic shape and is ideal as a present for your other half.

Personally, when I search for a new timeless bag made out of high quality leather, I prefer to buy an elegant purse. An elegant purse is extremely practical for everyday activities and with its timeless design it will never go out of style. For me, the quality is an important fact, worth investing in. A bag made out of high quality leather is a must have piece in my wardrobe.

For the last item, I’ve picked a darker brown leather wallet that can hold your cards, banknotes and small coins with ease, a classic shape that never falls out of style.

The Bridge has stood for more than 50 years, and expresses the values of classic design by uniting tradition with modernity. Combined with fine Italian manufacturing, The Bridge is a symbol of quality.

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  1. che belli…è un brand che m piace tanto..ho qualche borsa e soprattutto quella da pc/lavoro mi piacciono perchè super comode e capienti..rifinite benissimo, le riempio di roba e sono sempre intatte

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