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Softness of Peace

You probably noticed something different going on with my hair in this post. I wanted to try out something that was slightly curly, something like 3a curly hair on the hair type chart. Well, to be honest, this idea didn’t just pop up all of a sudden, as not that long ago I was planning on trying a 3c very curly hair perm, but for some reason, I never walked into a hair salon to get it done.

I was inspired by Dirty Dancing’s star Jennifer Grey’s short curly hair that she featured in the movie. Most of you who are reading this post know what I’m talking of. Unfortunately, curls don’t always sit as you want them to but don’t let that stop you from trying them out, especially if you are not doing a perm. Playing with the curls can be really fun but you should also learn how to care for your hair and moisturize it properly.

Previously I showed you my new H&M sherpa collar jacket and JQ Jeans ankle length jeans. Here you can see how I decided to pair the jacket with a black leather tote from Mango. Lately, I’ve been carrying the black leather tote bag with me for almost everything. I’m also wearing my Furla dress watch I’ve previously written about.

As for other accessories, I think that this Mutrah Nora bracelet from Apache Rose London is going to take the lead in creating connections with the H&M three heart gold necklace, with my gold ring that blends well with the Furla watch, and my black and gold loafers. The Pitareallo loafers in black with gold trims are the perfect loafers to wear with jeans and are always in style. These days I would say loafers are my go-to shoes for any casual activities.

To get in a perfect mood while typing this article inspired by Jennifer Grey’s short curly hair, I decided to re-listen the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Since the movie’s release in 1987, the public noted some of the amazing tracks such as “Be My Baby”, “Hungry Eyes”, “Yes”, “She’s Like the Wind”, “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life”. Many of them are regularly played over and over again at weddings all around the world and are on many of our personal music playlists on phones or streaming. The famous quote “Nobody puts Baby in a Corner” not only became widely recognizable but also brought a strong and powerful meaning. It’s about standing up for what is right and encouraging us to show and express our talents. Even though nobody thought the movie would be a hit, it exploded in popularity, becoming more than just a seasonal hit but an important piece of film history. It has become one of the classics which will forever be remembered and praised.

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